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Skennerton Books

World renowned British Military author Ian Skennerton has researched full-time at the Public Records Office and other libraries, worked and catalogued arms at the Tower of London, Imperial War Museum, National Army Museum, Enfield Pattern Room, and travelled farther afield in the pursuit of more research material. He has visited Britain many times for ongoing research, photography and book projects as well as the United States, Canada, New Zealand , Timor and Europe. There is certainly no substitute for this first-hand research of source material that he continues to publish about both in written and Documentary format.

Ian is kindly offering his very long list of titles for sale in New Zealand by reading the AUD price listed on his website as NZD plus 15% GST (and p&p as applicable) thus avoiding exchange rate variations and fees plus expensive postage costs from Australia.

For all enquiries contact his NZ Distributor Graeme Barber (Mainland Arms and Militaria Ltd)
Phone: 027 435 1940
Mail: 2 Cam Place , Harewood, Christchurch 8051

We welcome all enquiries regarding the following titles which are in stock plus any other items you may be interested in. Stock levels vary so be quick!!!

The Lee-Enfield-Presentation (Skennerton)
The Lee-Enfield (Skennerton)
Hayes Handgun Omnibus Presentation (Hayes & Skennerton)
Hayes Handgun Omnibus (Hayes & Skennerton)
Australian Antique Arms & History (Skennerton)
The Broad Arrow (Skennerton)
.577 Snider Enfield Rifles & Carbines (Skennerton)
Martini Treatise Vol 1 (Temple & Skennerton)
Martini Treatise Vol 2  (Temple & Skennerton)
The .380 Enfield No2 Revolver hc (Skennerton & Stamps)
The .380 Enfield No2 Revolver pb (Skennerton & Stamps)
.303 No.4 (T) Sniper Rifle hc (Laidler & Skennerton)
British Small Arms WW2 (Skennerton)
Australian Service Machine Guns hc (Skennerton)
Australian Service Machine Guns pb (Skennerton)
Buyers Guide
Boxer Cartridge in the British Service (Temple)
WW1 Armament and the .303 British Cartridge hc
WW1 Armament  and the .303 British Cartridge pb (Temple)
British Machine Gun  Cartridges pb (Temple)
Winchester Catalogue No 83 (WRA Co)
Accurising & Shooting Lee-Enfields (Skennerton & Labudda)
Textbook of Small Arms 1929 (HMSO)
Treatise on Ammunition 1887 (HMSO)
List of Changes in British Service sets Vol I-V (War Office)
LOC individual copies
Guns of the Gurkhas (John Walter)
Weyersburg Catalog
Tin Hat for Tommy (J Anthony Carter)
Military Ink-The Pen at War (Scott Novzen IMA)
Identification Manual on the .303 British Service Cartridge (Temple)
Siamese Portal
Hotchkiss Portable Machine Gun handbook (Hotchkiss Paris)
A Sure Defence – Bowie Knife book (Burton)
Collector Magazine set (back copies) 1-30
Collector Magazine annual sets (back copies) 20-30
Footsteps of Sparrow Force West Timor 1941-42 DVD/CD 2 Disc set (Skennerton)
Gun & Gear from Footsteps of Sparrow Force. Live action 2 Disc set (Skennerton)
Full on Full Auto #1 British & US Machine Guns
Small Arms Series Live #1 .303 SMLE
‘Enfield Patter Room’ DVD
The Robert W Faris British Catalogue and Memorial

(SAIS) Small Arms Identification Series (Skennerton):#1 SMLE#2 .303 No.4#3 Aust/Owen#4 No.5#5 Bren#6 Out of Print#7 MLM/LE#8 Vickers#9 Webley#10 Patt. ‘14#11 Sten#12 L1A1#13 De Lisle#14 Lewis#15 Martini#16 Cadets#17 .45 TSG#18 7.62mm L42A1#19 Aust. SMLE#20 .577 Enfield/Snider#21 .30 Browning MG#22 British Sniper#23 L-E Parts Catalogue#24 Sten Mk V, VI, IIS